5 Casino Games that You Should Avoid at All Cost

Casinos games have different house edges which offer players wins at different rates. With plenty of options to choose, it can get confusing to decide which game to play. From slot machines to blackjack, all the games in the middle have a range of house edges with slots having the maximum. The edge in a game determined the rate at which the game will take money from you before you get a win. People make the mistake of playing at attractive games without considering their house edge and then blame their luck for it.


Keno is the worst game that you can play in the casino if you are not planning to expect a win at all. It has a house edge of 20-30%, which means that for every $100, you will be losing $20-$30 every hour. Considering losing at such speed, if you walk in with only $100, you will be broke in just 5-3 hours if you play keno. It is a game that no gambler will suggest you play.



The Big Wheel

The big wheel is known to offer terrible odds to the players, which is why the casinos give it a more attractive look. You can find the big wheel usually near the entrance of the casino, which makes players think of giving it a go but soon they find themselves not making any progress. It has a house edge range of 11-24% which can be disastrous for the players in the long run. Not just that, you will also not find any reasonable wagers on the wheel.

Double Zero Roulette

The double zero roulette or the American roulette is another game that you should avoid in casinos. Roulette has a house edge of 5.2%. Compared to keno and the big wheel, this may seem a lot less, but it is still a game to avoid. Instead, you can play the European roulette which lowers the house edge by 2.7% as it has only a single zero. Comparing to American roulette, you will lose only half the amount on your bets to the house.


Non-full pay Video Poker Machines

Video pokers are available in plenty inside casinos and have different varieties to choose from. You will find different versions spread across the casino, inviting players for the wins. Before you jump to a machine, make sure to know the paytable for your machine. The best paytable is usually called full pay. The difference between the pay tables of full pay and other versions can be 5% or more.

Slot Machines

Believe it or not, but slot machines are the highest grocers for casinos. They can offer some of the worst percentages for players. You can play hundreds of spins in an hour with a high house edge and receive no success. The range of house edge in slot machines can go over 15% in some of the games. Also, slot machines are faster than other games, so even if you are losing $5 for every $100, in slots, you will lose $15 or every $300 every hour.