2 Major Online Casino Scams You Need to Be Aware Of

Casinos are establishments that have been on the surface of the planet for several decades now and have garnered a huge number of fans in the mentioned period. Time has changed; so has the technology and its creations. Although it has been more than two decades since the launch of the first online casino, the concept has drawn more gamblers to the front of late. There are plenty of sites that are completely reliable and trustworthy, while many others lay within the field as those dangerous mines to blow you over.

Thousands of people have experienced such scams and been subject to enormous losses. You will have to endure the loss of your deposit money along with the purgatory that it brings. These scams will target you with the best features and bonuses which would be hard to refuse. By signing up into these sites, you put yourself in an inescapable position. You could end up losing more than just the money, but it is always your hard-earned assets that is targeted by the frauds that run such online casinos. Here are a few online casino scams that you need to be aware of before you start your convenient gambling.


1.      Deposit Theft

Most of the avid gamblers and even the people who aren’t familiar with the practice of gambling might know for sure that it is deposit theft that online casinos focus on. This is the most common scam among online casinos. Many of the casinos serve their purpose well by offering the people with plenty of options to bask in the glory. Here, you are quite often deprived of the option to quit or back out since the money you deposited would have been eaten up by then. You could get enticed into the platform to thieve you of your deposit amount, which would be at a later stage, nearly impossible to withdraw. The casino might close or freeze your account after you have signed up and registered. You could end up jumping through the perpetual hoops that have been programmed as a path to the escape or reactivation point.

Customer support staff would ignore your requests to get back to the platform and concerns regarding the deposit money. Some casinos take the slow trick of convincing you with their features and suck small amounts out of you in the process.

Deposit Theft

2.      The Rigged Games

Rigged games provided by casinos is simple to understand. It is a scam that the casinos put up in appealing forms with games that let you win for a short while, after which your account will be washed off. Sophisticated technology is not imperative to enter your minds and thieve you of the money; some rigged software from the old days would do. Since players are now aware of this scam, the operators have started running even the pirated versions of games that are otherwise people’s legit favorites.